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New breeding strategies combining Sexcel® and Beef InFocus™ can deliver a step change in the genetic potential of your dairy herd. As Dr Christopher Orrett, EMEA Genetic Services Research Specialist with Genus ABS explains, you can really exploit selection intensities which can only be achieved with a targeted use of sexed semen and beef. This combined approach delivers both dairy herd genetic improvement and increased beef calf value; to truly deliver profitable performance.

The step-change

Today, thousands of our customers are already reaping the financial benefits of using a Sexcel and Beef InFocus strategy. 

Whilst maximising the beef calf crop by producing more, better quality calves has an obvious value, the benefits of this joint strategy can be more difficult to demonstrate, in terms of genetic improvement. Using tools such as GMS® to rank your herd according to your dairy’s needs is the only way to deliver targeted genetic improvement.

Genus ABS customers who adopted this targeted strategy are seeing much higher levels of genetic improvement in the youngstock coming through than in the older generations. This step-change, (scientifically called a ‘reduction in genetic lag’) closes the gap between the elite AI sires used in their herd and their dairy females. This means that those new dairy replacement heifers have all the potential to be more productive, for longer, in their herd. (see Figure 1).

Figure 1.

How can our science help you?

Our genetic service specialists can quantify the genetic step change you may expect from the use of different technological solutions, to help you choose the right solution for you. 

Using our tools we have seen a projected average gain of up to £36.47-£50.83 PLI per replacement, in the next generation from a switch to a whole herd Sexcel® and Beef InFocus™ strategy (See Figure 2). Using our heifer optimisation tool, we can also quantify the revenue through the increased beef calf crop value.

Figure 2.

These new genetic strategies, backed by our unrivalled genetic expertise and our commitment to developing insight that delivers on farm, can help you increase the sustainability and profitability through superior cows. 

Winning game plan

We invest more in science and technology than any other genetics company which allows us to supply the tools that will really deliver results for our customers. This means you will have access to the scientific insight, technology and validation to create your bespoke plan, to profit from genetic progress.

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For more information on Sexcel® and Beef InFocus™ contact Genus ABS Customer Services on 01270 616681

Written by Dr Christopher Orrett, Genetic Services Research Specialist, Genus ABS

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