Three Benefits Of Beef On Dairy Breeding

Beef on dairy breeding is more than a trend, it is a strategy that is here to stay. Dairy producers are increasingly incorporating beef genetics into their breeding programs because of the management and economic benefits.

  1. Make better cows faster. Genetic progress centers around selecting the best parents to improve the next generation. By using terminal beef genetics on the lowest genetic merit animals, the genetic level of the herd is raised.
  2. Only raise the replacements you need. With the improvement of heifer raising practices and sexed semen use, most farms can produce more heifers than they need as replacements. By incorporating beef genetics, you can lower the number of replacements created each year. Raising the right number of the best replacements maximizes inputs to reach genetic potential.
  3. Valuable crossbred calves. It’s no secret dairy bull calf prices have fallen drastically over the past few years, especially for Jerseys. Typically beef crossbred calves are worth more in the beef supply chain than purebred dairy animals. To give calf buyers confidence, consider a branded program with proven performance to ensure a premium.

Thinking about incorporating beef genetics into your herd? Learn what to consider before implementing beef on dairy on your farm.

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