DeNovo continues to deliver Profit from Genetic Progress

Aug 12


Today sees the August edition of the industry wide sire summary release or ‘Proof run’. Each edition sees bulls receive updated proofs and allows for the release of new bulls onto the market.

Hannah Goodwin, Genus ABS Dairy Brand Manager, comments “Bulls go up, bulls go down. However, one thing remains constant; the high quality and the strength of the Genus ABS line-up strongly backed by the DeNovo programme. We look back and remember the impact that ABS ACHIEVER who received his full proof today had on British dairy farms, not just the bull himself but through his sons too. We now see the next wave of chart toppers being launched in the UK; DeNovo sires – sired by DeNovo bulls themselves.”

Bulls like Genus ABS’ number one PLI sire DeNovo 15848 KENMORE (Sire: De-Su 14222 Kenobi) who launches today with a PLI of £811 – a production specialist at 862kgs of milk at 0.05% for both fat and protein, but also offering great improvement in terms of health and wellness. Reducing stature but maintaining chest width and adding great udders – KENMORE ticks all the boxes.

• +7.5 Fertility Index

• 119 Days increased lifespan

• Easy Calving

• +2.4 Lameness advantage

Former number one PLI sire DeNovo 14566 CROSBY has a great day rising to £806 PLI following an increase in production to 934kgs (over 73kgs of combined fat and protein) and Daughter Fertility now just shy of +5.0. This was great news for his first commercially available son DeNovo 16099 TACOMA; from a Frazzled Dam he again checks all the boxes with over 900kgs at positive component levels. A huge 135 days added herd life and over 5 points of daughter fertility.

One other DeNovo sire of note is DeNovo 7947 GLITZ, a maternal brother to both the super fertile ENTITY and April launch Sire BUNDLE. His sons; DeNovo 3159 GANDER and DeNovo 3150 GENERATE (who are both available SEXCEL®) are proving to be great options for our customers no matter what their farming system. They are descendants from the great Larcrest C cow family their MGD being the powerful Josuper daughter MS Cardigans JS Cashmere. This amazing brother act offer great levels of production with GENERATE and GANDER boasting double digit fat percentages of 0.31% and 0.23% respectively. Generate’s impressive +9.2 Daughter fertility is trumped slightly by that of Gander at +12.8. Generate and Gander are both a certain choice for any autumn block, profit focussed dairy farmer looking to make gains in production and health without a conformational sacrifice.

“Overall, we are extremely proud to introduce the most elite and complete range of conventional and Sexcel® in the industry today. With 71 bulls sitting in the top 10% for £PLI and 51 sires available with double digit Daughter Fertility, we are extremely delighted to continue to deliver to our customers sires that will enable your herd to profit form genetic progress.” Hannah concludes.