Genetic Plan

Simple and easy are not the same thing. Developing a genetic strategy may sound simple; however, in reality, this is not often done or followed, which likely means it’s not that easy.

Quite often, we see farmers driving the future of their operation based on industry indices, or even following their neighbour’s strategy as the main point of reference. However, by doing that, they may be not taking into account needs that are specific to their business, which have a meaningful impact on success.

Your genetic plan should revolve around the kind of cows you’re going to make and how each cow is supposed to perform. It should align with all the things that are specific to your operation such as: your business plan, how you are paid for your milk, environment, facilities, management style and many other variables.

Understanding these nuances, Genus ABS has developed different solutions around strategic planning to help farmers find a brighter future for their operation.

Genus ABS solutions for Genetic Plan

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