Transition Period

The transition period – the final weeks of a cow’s gestation to several weeks into her lactation – plays an integral role when it comes to both production and reproduction in your herd.

Being efficient during the transition period will increase the odds of success in a cow’s lactation, productive life and calving interval. Likewise, the last three weeks of gestation are very important for the health of the offspring and is fundamental for the calf to reach its genetic potential.

With no doubt, prevention is the most efficient and least expensive solution to tackle the transition period. The three major areas to be explored are protocols, labour and genetics.

Protocols are crucial to provide the correct comfort and nutrition for the cows. Next, having a team that is informed and well-trained ensures that the protocols may be executed upon. Finally, with genetics, you can enhance the transition health of your herd by making cows more genetically-resistant to disorders including mastitis, metritis, and ketosis.

Genus ABS solutions for Transition Period

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