AI Technician Service

Genus ABS AI Technicians are trained to the highest standards, performing thousands of inseminations every year, which means that they are extremely experienced, so that you are guaranteed to get the results you are after.

What we can offer you

  • AI technicians trained to the highest standards
  • Experience – performing thousands of inseminations each year
  • Professional 365 day service

Importance of AI Service

  • We know how to get cows in calf. A cow’s fertility can be compromised if semen isn’t handled or placed correctly inside the cow.
  • We know open cows can cost you money. If a cow fails to get pregnant, it will lengthen the calving interval, costing you around £60 per cycle in lost milk and calf sales.
  • We understand that every dairy unit is different and every cow in the herd is unique. Using AI means that you are able to customise each mating, enabling you to make the best possible progress on your farm.
  • We know that farmers are increasingly under time pressure – why not let our experience work for you.

*This is not a national service – contact Customer Service to see if the service is operating in your area.

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