Breeder Tag System

We believe that as a partnership we work with you to provide solutions to help drive your Fertility and increase your herds Health and Welfare, with the aim to increase and improve your profitability through Genetic progress.

The Breeder Tag System is a front leg pedometer based heat detection system, which also monitors critical indictors of health and wellbeing through real time cow behaviour.

When resources are under pressure, health and fertility monitoring on farm can often be a challenge. The impact of this, such as fewer pregnancies, increased health issues and reduced profits, can be significant. However, a focused, combined approach to managing these issues will undoubtedly maximise your herd’s efficiency, leading to a more profitable business. Whilst accurate heat detection remains a fundamental piece of the jigsaw, it is just one of the many measures that need to be implemented to help improve the profitability of your herd.

The Breeder Tag System pedometer monitor sends alerts straight to your phone, tablet or computer & is also available on an App, so you can keep an eye on your cows’ behaviour 24/7, 365 days a year. The easy-to-use system is installed onto your computer so you can check for activity within your herd each day at a time that suits you.

There are currently over 20,000 cows benefitting from Breeder Tag System throughout the UK!

Accurate heat detection

Use the latest long-range pedometer technology to ensure heats are identified and eligible cows are inseminated in a timely manner, we can tell you when your animals started, peaked & finished a heat, resulting in more pregnancies, and less opportunities lost. Giving you one less thing to have to worry about.

Activity monitoring

Breeder Tag System also monitors your cows behaviour, identifying early critical indicators of health and welfare issues to allow you to intervene and avoid loss of productivity and fertility. We can give you a very accurate picture of how long your cows lie down for, why it’s so important for cow comfort, milk production, along with evidence of highlighting disease through changes in animal behaviour.

Feedface system

Breeder Tag System now offers an additional Feedface system to monitor your cows’ eating behaviours at the feed bunk. We can not only tell you using real time data how long your cows lie down for but also how many visits and how long their feeding duration was at the feed bunk. Allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to ensure all cows have adequate time feeding, increasing feed duration is proven to increase Milk yield and component production, help improve fertility & increase the immune system in the Transition period, reducing disease in the first 30 days of milk. This will also allow you to be even more proactive, potentially not just reacting to problems but also allowing you to monitor your cows behaviour through the dry period, which can be potentially used to predict where problems may occur in the fresh period.

Key product benefits:

  • Continuous, real-time heat detection monitoring using long-range pedometer based technology.
  • Data is transmitted every 15 minutes, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Antenna solutions can be adapted to suit the specific farm systems, providing a range coverage that exceeds 700 metres.
  • 97% heat detection accuracy.
  • Alerts can be received directly to your laptop, tablet or mobile telephone via the interactive App – helping you to stay in control whilst on and off the farm.
  • Feedface technology to monitor how many times your cows visit the feed bunk and for how long.
  • The system allows you to at first identify what are your animals normal behaviour, where can improvements be made & then allows you to see what effect those change make.
  • Continuing to bring you, new innovations, identifying needs – providing solutions.
  • The Breeder Tag System can also communicate to various software programs & the major parlour systems in the UK.


“We use the Genus ABS Breeder Tag System for our heat detection and health & feed monitoring. The system allows us to meet the cows potential, making the herd more efficient. We are restricted by the farm infrastructure, but the Breeder Tag System ensures we still get the best from the cows, even with current constraints. Using the Feed Face system, we recently changed the ration of feed and immediately saw a change in feed pattern at the Feed Face”


“We use the intake alerts to identify transition cows which have a reduced number of visits to the feed face and then we treat each individual cow accordingly. The Genus ABS Feed Face system allows us to monitor cow behaviour at the feed fence to optimise our investments in buildings and infrastructure. The system gives us a high level of assurance that our dairy farming system is not “broken” even though we are challenging our system to deliver the best return on investment it can achieve”.


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