Genetic Improvement

Applying science and economics to make a better pig

Since a small group of Oxford pig farmers set out to provide the highest quality pig over half a century ago, we have been working to continuously breed a better pig. We continue our founders’ mission, by applying the latest technologies available to drive genetic improvement.

We improve the performance of our pigs by combining advanced science with a practical understanding of the biology of the pig and needs of producers. We select for traits that are commercially relevant for producers and fulfill market demands. And we focus on technologies that we believe will help accelerate the rate of genetic gain.

We continuously invest in all levers of genetic improvement to create more value. We invest in population size, we continuously seek differentiated germplasm and we invest in better data capture and algorithms to improve the accuracy of our selection.

We apply those improvements to multiple pure lines, so we can develop distinct products that fit with different production systems and breeding goals. And we continuously adjust supply with market demands, to be able to make the best products available to our customers.

Our philosophy of “Never Stop Improving” means a continuous effort to  listen carefully to our customers and drive innovation to create ever-increasing value for pig and pork producers.

Selecting for your profitability

From our start in 1962, PIC has focused on combining the latest science, pig biology and pork production economics to create the highest quality pig on the market. At PIC, […]

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Maximizing genetic gain

Using science to maximize genetic gain The process of genetic improvement starts with accurately measuring performance differences between animals – the more high-quality data we have the better. We then […]

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