Supply Chain

PIC global reach

Our supply chain team works hard every day to provide the right product to the right place at the right time. To achieve that goal, we have established a network of multipliers and boar studs across the globe that is set up to reduce genetic lag and ensure consistency of supply in each region. Even if borders close.

Thanks to this network of owned, contracted and customer-owned farms, we can support customer growth plans and maintenance needs around the world. Just in the last 2 years we have expanded our global sireline multiplication footprint by more than 30%.

Robust and healthy supply

PIC selection standards for our own and contracted multipliers are very high. By only selecting the very best animals, our Supply Chain team enables the dissemination of genetic improvement at an accelerated rate and improves the quality of the product that customers get.

After selection, our Supply Chain and Transport team works closely with PIC’s Genetic Services team and PIC’s Health Assurance team to delivery high quality, biosecure supply to producers. We use all modes of transport varying from trucks to boats and planes to get producers the animals they desire.

Supply chain partners

Our supply chain partners Across the globe we work with partners to disseminate our genetics. These partners include producers and boar stud operators that can help multiply and distribute our […]

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Our social commitment

With our global supply chain, we recognize our social obligations to the communities in which we operate and the animals that we manage. PIC is committed to the highest standards […]

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