The primary focus of our Health Assurance team is to maintain a high health status of the PIC system and to protect our customers’ herds. Our team develops, validates and implements health solutions for risk assessment, biosecurity, surveillance and disease elimination. We collaborate closely with universities and other pioneering organizations to continuously review our practices.

The three principles of our health assurance program include:

  1. Comprehensive health surveillance: this includes real-time integration of clinical, production and diagnostic data to make informed decision as well as the implementation of innovative and validated technologies to collect and test diagnostic samples.
  2. Commitment to animal welfare: we conduct continuous training of care takers and conduct proactive scientific evaluation of farm practices.
  3. Science-based biosecurity: We conduct systematic risk assessments in farms, feed mills and truck washes. Based on those assessments we design and implement comprehensive plans to mitigate the risks. We collaborate with multiple organizations to develop tools and guidelines to minimize disease introduction.

We also make our knowledge and resources available to customers and can provide advice around the following topics:

  • Biosecurity
  • Health surveillance
  • Disease prevention, containment, and elimination
  • Replacement acclimatization
  • Health data management

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SCAN program

Diseases have significant impact on production, financials, staff morale and farm reputation.  We can minimize this impact by decreasing biosecurity risk and as a result, the number of disease introductions. Everything […]

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