Genetic Improvement

Applying science and economics to make a better pig

Since a small group of Oxford pig farmers set out to provide the highest quality pig on the market over half a century ago, we have been working to continuously breed a better pig. We continue our founders’ mission, by applying the technologies to drive genetic improvement.

We improve the performance of our pigs that by combining advanced science with a practical understanding of the biology of the pig and commercial needs of producers. We select for traits that are commercially relevant for producers and fulfill the demands of market. And we focus on technologies that we believe will help accelerate the rate of genetic gain.

We continuously invest to create more value. PIC focuses on all levers of genetic improvement. We invest in population size, we continuously seek differentiated germplasm and we invest in better data capture and algorithms to improve the accuracy of our selection.

We apply those improvements to multiple pure lines, so we can develop distinct products that fit with different production systems and breeding goals. And we continuously adjust supply with market demands, to be able to make the best products available to our customers.

Our philosophy of “Never Stop Improving” means a continuous effort to innovate, listen and apply—all for creating ever-increasing value for pig and pork producers.


Supply chain partners

Our supply chain partners Across the globe we work with partners to disseminate our genetics. These partners include producers and boar stud operators that can help multiply and distribute our […]

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SCAN program

Diseases have significant impact on production, financials, staff morale and farm reputation.  We can minimize this impact by decreasing biosecurity risk and as a result, the number of disease introductions. Everything […]

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Genetic management

We have a world-class Genetic Services team of over 25 geneticists. Our goal is to help reduce genetic lag in customer systems, so producers can use the latest genetics. Our […]

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Applied meat science

Guided by our very own PIC Pork Quality Blueprint, we offer an internationally augmented system review service for integrated producers and packers. This review service aims to help customers improve […]

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We believe that nutrition is one of the essential items that allow genetic potential to be realized. Our nutrition team is committed to helping our customers deliver best-cost nutritional support […]

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Our wean-to-finish team focus on best practices in early pig care and finishing. Their goal is to optimize the growth characteristics of the pigs and reduce mortality. These best practices […]

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Our team of reproduction experts develops and supports the implementation of best practices in sow farms and boar studs. Sow farm management is subject to continued changes as sows become […]

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Our social commitment

With our global supply chain, we recognize our social obligations to the communities in which we operate and the animals that we manage. PIC is committed to the highest standards […]

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Selecting for your profitability

From our start in 1962, PIC has focused on combining the latest science, pig biology and pork production economics to create the highest quality pig on the market. At PIC, […]

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