The Camborough® is an outstanding mother. Bred to maximize the pounds of weaned pigs per year with excellent feed efficiency, the Camborough® can typically be bred three weeks earlier than sows with other genetics. This results in a higher total number of piglets per sow per lifetime and lower production costs.

Below is our top-selling female product. For any questions about this product or others, contact your Key Account Manager.

Camborough® 29

The Camborough® 29 is a mixed hybrid Parent gilt designed specifically for premium performance in the areas of prolificacy and maternal instincts. Bred from the highly prolific Line 02 from PIC® International, this female offers producers a unique combination of productivity and durability.

The Camborough® 29 gilt is designed to produce a high number of full value market pigs sold per lifetime. This gilt is for pork producers who want to lower cost of production through greater output per gilt entered into the herd. *(South Island only).

Camborough® 46

The Camborough® 46 is the latest parent gilt product selected to continually improve litter size at birth and litter weaning weight in addition to growth rate, feed efficiency, ability to come on heat, feet and leg soundness, and teat number.

This means that the Camborough® 46 replacement gilt will always carry the latest improvements in prolificacy, carcass quality and feed conversion, giving PIC customers greater potential to increase the number of pigs and kilograms of quality pork per sow per year. *(North Island only)

Camborough® 42

The Camborough® 42 gilt is a first cross Parent gilt. It is the result of a combination of classic hybridisation and quantitative genetics with breakthrough technology. This high performance gilt is suited to sympathetic environments where a high level of management allows the Camborough® 42 gilt to express her full genetic potential.